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Longevity forever

Our key products are our starch cookers and enzymatic converters. Starch, steam, water and electricity are all utilities you need to jet cook your starch into the required starch solution at the right viscosity in just a few seconds.

Whether you choose the Chef, our robust Jet Cooker to cook your wet end, surface sizing and coating starch, our Magician to convert your native starch to the right viscosity, or our dissolving & dispersion units, HENAN’s machinery offer you the reliable solution you deserve.

Our machinery for food applications is designed following GMP. Especially the Magician, our enzymatic converter will be of interest to explore to produce malto-dextrins, maltose or glucose in-house.

We are equipped to engineer and construct any type of raw material handling or dosing equipment for your application. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities just give us a call or leave a message via email.