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the magician

Let the magic convert your starch



Safe and robust machinery (CE certification)
Runs on all types of starch
Consistent quality output
Quick response time \6 min on demand changes
Fully automated (Siemens S7 PLC)
Relatively low maintenance costs
In line viscosity control (optional)
Full service package (optional)

Continuous Enzymatic Converters

HENAN’s Continuous Enzymatic Converters (CEC) convert all native starch types for use in:

  • the paper industry for surface sizing and coating applications
  • the food industry in order to produce dextrin sugars maltose and glucose

All of our control systems are based on SIMETIC S7 software and are touch screen programmable. On customer request we can base our control system on other software types. We supply conversion skids with a capacity up to 2500 kg/h dry starch.

Our unique reactor design ensures fully controlled starch degradation for a consistent quality output. The conversion machinery is operated fully automatically.