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Experience the high quality starch handling
equipment of HENAN Process Systems

HENAN Process Systems is a manufacturer of reliable and high quality jet cookers, enzymatic converters and dispersion units. HENAN's starch handling machinery runs on all kinds of starch: corn, tapioca, potato and wheat.

HENAN's products and applications:
  • Enzymatic conversion
  • Wet end cookers
  • High solid coating cooker for coating kitchen
  • Cold water soluble starch dissolving units
  • Clay dispersion machinery
HENAN's machinery and powder dosing units are used across the world in:
  • Paper & Board Industries
  • Adhesives
  • Food Industries
  • Chemical Applications
All of our equipment is engineered and constructed in the Netherlands.

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Our Products
  • Enzymatic converters

    Enzymatic converters

  • starch jet cookers

    Jet and Starch cookers

  • dissolving units

    Dissolving Units

  • starch cooker spare parts

    Cooker spare parts