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About Us

HENAN Process Systems is a dynamic and innovative supplier of jet cookers, enzymatic converters, dispersion equipment and various other machinery types for the food, paper, adhesive and chemical industries.

With our small and dedicated team we are specialized in realizing ideas of our customer by fully automated machinery skids. We differentiate ourselves by approaching standard solutions used in the industry from new angles, leading to significant cost savings over the years, not only in energy and water consumption but also in raw materials.

With our skids we provide fully automated solutions to almost any need in the raw material dosage to paper and board machines for wet end applications as well as surface sizing and coating applications.

With our enzymatic conversion machinery we have a unique solution for those food ingredient customers searching for possibilities to produce their own malto-dextrins, maltose or glucose out of starch. We are able to provide fully customized solutions for various food ingredient applications.

HENAN Process Systems has its own workshop in the Netherlands where we manufacture all of our equipment.

Although we have all expertise on board we also work together with several specialized companies in order to offer a high quality service and a broad product range.

We are looking forward to do business with you.

about us

All of our equipment has the required CE markings.

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